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Popular Questions

What is my Ratio?
There is no Ratio system on KickAssTorrents. We do not record Download and Upload stats. It is useless at KickAssTorrents as we are a public site. But anyway, since so many people want to know... The Ratio is the amount that you have Uploaded divided by the amount you have Downloaded. (In general, you should try to keep this ratio > 1.)
This is very important on some sites. On some sites, if you don't upload enough, you will lose your downloading privileges. One of the many great things about KickAssTorrents is that there are no rules about ratios.

What are Achievements?
Achievements are our KickAss badges that you get for different activity.
For example for reaching some amount of reputation or for downloading a certain number of torrents.
You can check all achievements on the Achievements Page

- Unlocking achievements will not increase your reputation points.
- Abusing the system to gain or unlock achievements is considered as abuse and is not allowed.
- Some achievements are restricted to certain statuses (Mods, Staff, Translators..etc.) - KickAssTorrents will not show you the progress of your achievements, half the fun is NOT knowing, and this is to eliminate abuse.
- It is possible to disable achievements in the General Tab of your Profile Settings.

What do Reputation mean?
Reputation is an overall measure or site-rank that gives an indication of your activity on the KickassTorrents web-site.
Rep-points are accumulated for Rating as well as leaving Torrent Comments, reporting such things as Faker Users, Infected Torrents, Spam Comments etc.
If you are a committed Kickass Member you know the value of being able to look at the feedback given to a torrent and making your choice whether to download or not based not only on who uploaded it, but their reputation and that of the members who gave feedback.
Being an active site member here for the torrents your rep-score will soon build by simply giving meaningful and honest feedback on torrents downloaded and reviewed.
You can check the latest rep-points you have collected within the Reputation tab in your Profile.

What types of content are not allowed on KickAssTorrents?
Any content that directly promotes or supports racism, extremism, hatred or discrimination.

Content that is uploaded only for some kind of promotion.
examples: A sample chapter of a book. Or a password protected file that requires you to visit an external link (like a survey site) to get the password. If a file is password protected, the password must be included in a text file in the torrent itself.

Content that is fake or contains viruses or malware.
example: A movie that contains links for codecs. These are scams that are trying to infect your computer.

Also following types of pornography are strictly not allowed:
- Child Pornography, Child Abuse, including cartoon or animation.
- All types of zoophilia including cartoon or animation
- Any porn that involves real sadism, masochism, torture and violence
- Real rape and forced sex.
- Coprophilia aka scat.
- Incest that is not marked in the description and/or title as roleplay
- Any type of pornography that may provoke violence, conflicts or hatred.

How do I speed up downloads?
Download speed depends on your internet package you get from your service provider and the user that you connect to in order to download the torrent. To get maximum download close programs that are using your bandwidth, look for torrents with plenty of seeds or upgrade your internet with your provider.